• Footsteps Pre-Nursery: Welwyn Garden City

    Welcome to Footsteps Pre-Nursery

    Footsteps outdoor play

    Footsteps in Welwyn Garden City provides a high quality pre-school education that nurtures the child into a self-aware individual who respects the needs of others. We aim to help prepare the child for school based education in a safe, fun and happy environment, laying the foundations for their future learning.

    We hope you enjoy reading about Footsteps Pre-Nursery on this site. We have tried our best to encapsulate within these pages the ethos behind Footsteps and hope our aims and achievements are easily conveyed.

    When you would like to get in contact with someone from Footsteps please telephone our admissions secretary on 08707 606736 or email info@footstepsprenursery.org.uk. We can answer any questions, arrange a visit or send you a booking form to add your child to our admissions list.

    Since its launch as Footsteps Pre-Nursery in 2002, our organisation has gone from strength to strength. As you will see when you read about our staff, we are very much led by the comfort and happiness of our children. This is something you can see first hand when you come for a visit.

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