How do you settle children in?

We have a settling in procedure that is flexible enough to recognise that children need different levels of support during this time. We have an ‘open door’ policy for parents with children at Footsteps. If you should ever wish to stay and help during a session you are more than welcome.

When does the pre-nursery open?

The pre-nursery is open from Monday to Friday. The hours are 9.15am – 12:15 pm. We ask that children start with a minimum of two sessions per week.

Do you offer a lunch club?

Yes. The lunch club operates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.15pm until 1.15pm. Please call to find out more about the activities the children enjoy during this time.

How many children do you have at the pre-nursery?

To ensure optimal adult to child ratio, and maximise the use of the space, we say about 25 children

Do you have the proper policies and procedures in place ?

The safety and happiness of the children is at the heart of all our policies. These are available whenever you would like to look. At Footsteps, parents are our partners, and together we work towards the best possible educational start.

Do children have to be toilet trained before they start at Footsteps?

No. We feel very strongly that children should not be rushed and that they will train far more easily when they are ready. Our staff are happy to help children make the transition to using the toilet at a time when they are ready.

When do children play outside?

Every session (unless it’s pouring with rain). We are fortunate to have a playground, which can be used all year round. We also have Sherrardspark Wood next to us and we can make use of this area for more adventurous play. This might include leaf collecting, looking for woodland creatures or just using the Footsteps wellies to jump in some squashy mud!